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Top identity theft scams to avoid

Кража личных данных стала настолько обычным явлением, что вас уже не шокирует новость о последнем мошенничестве. По мере того, как кража личных данных стала нормой, похитители личных данных становятся все более сообразительными и изобретательными, поскольку потребители и организации, на которых они нацелены, становятся более осведомленными и защищенными от их атак. НАЖМИТЕ, ЧТОБЫ КУРТ ВЫБИРАЛ ЛУЧШИЕ…

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Smart needles may cut down on surgeries: What to know

From smartphones to smart cars to smart homes, this Washington D.C.-based startup is now trying to launch a smart needle. Smart needles only seem relevant as we get closer to a seemingly sci-fi reality with neural connections, ChatGPT, and quantum computing. Notably, this development, in contrast to the catastrophic overtones of ChatGPT, is positive and…

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Secret iPhone gestures you need to know

If you have an iPhone, you know that it is great for many reasons, offering us a wide range of features to make our lives easier. Although sometimes the touch screen can be tricky and give us trouble. As a result, we end up with typos that we never intended to make. However, there are…

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How AI could keep law students in debt forever

The rise of artificial intelligence could cause a ripple effect in the legal industry, depriving law students of entry-level jobs before they even enter the job and depriving them of the necessary experience to become good lawyers, according to the lawyer with more than 20 years of experience. “My concern is that you will have…

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Adobe launches AI program Firefly, including image generator

Adobe has announced a new “family of creative generative [artificial intelligence] models” called Firefly this week. The company said on Monday that its first model will allow customers to create high-quality images and text effects. Trained on Adobe Stock images, open source content, and expired public domain content, this model is designed to create content…

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